Team Members


Rector ~ Joan Nickels

1st Assistant ~ Eileen Zdanowski

2nd Assistant ~ Lynn Krupka

Eucharistic Chapel ~ Ellen Wilhelm

Speaker's Chapel ~ Char Haug 

Liturgy / Music / Reconciliation ~ Erin Place, Mo Stelzer, Deb Schimdt

Table Leaders ~ Barb Vogel, Dorothy Boutin

Kitchen ~ Mike Cisler

Spiritual Director ~ Ruthann Ross

Self Knowledge ~ Amy Dose

Ideals ~ Anna Mleziva

Grace ~ Fr. Mark Mleziva

Study ~ 

Sacraments ~ Dcn. Mark Knipp

Lay Person in the Church ~ Kathy Eldred

Piety ~ Deb Miller

Apostolic Action ~ Lisa Knipp  

Community Support ~ Karen Cisler

Reconciliation ~ Fr. Dick Klingeisen, Fr. Doug LeCaptain, Fr. Vernon, Fr. Paul

Friday Team Liturgy ~ Fr. Dave Pleier

Saturday Liturgy of the Word ~ Ruthann Ross

Sunday Liturgy ~ Fr. Dave Beaudry

Women's Team

Be Still and Know I Am God Ps 46:10


Women's CEW

November 12, 13, 14, 2021

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