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Core: Upcoming 3 and past 3 rectors for CEW - plus spiritual director that acts as board

of directors.

Rector: Leader of the weekend.

First & Second Assistant: Upcoming Rectors. First Assistant will be the Rector for the next

year's retreat. Second Assistant will be Rector in 2 years.

Team: The Rector's helpers for the weekend.

Spiritual Director: Provides spiritual guidance on weekend, both in a large group setting

and/or on an individual basis. Makes God more evident in your life.

CEW: Acronym for Christian Experience Weekend.

CRE: Acronym for Community Renewal Event. A group gathering, community event.

Friends and family welcome, need not have attended a weekend to participate.

Reunion: A gathering of candidates and team to discuss the spiritual impact from the

previous weekend. A chance to reflect, and reconnect.

Commissioning: The official blessing for team and community members to gather to begin preparation for upcoming weekend. (This is often overlooked, but is an extremely impacting event) - (Closed event)

Closing: The final community gathering to close the weekend. It is used to welcome new candidates into community and to hear witnessing. (Closed event)

Closed Event: An event not open to individuals who haven't participated in a prior CEW or Cursillo.

Speaker's Chapel: A gathering in the chapel to pray for the speaker before, during, and after their talk. Open to anyone who wants to come. A schedule of chapel times is posted on the website (see below)

Eucharistic Chapel: Continuous prayer before The Blessed Sacrament for the entire weekend. Prayers said with intentions for participating members of weekend. Located on Waldo site side of the chapel. All are encouraged to participate. Starts: Friday at 5 PM and maintains continuous 24hr/day to Sunday closing.

Behind the Scenes: (unseen CEW "elves"). Help make a weekend possible.



  • Thursday and Friday setup 

  • Meals Coordinator 

  • Food donators 

  • Kitchen Helpers 

  • Candle Crew 

  • Eucharistic / Speakers chapel prayers 

  • Sunday Cleanup Crew


If any questions or you want to volunteer for anything - Please call the Current Rector or any Assistant Rector, they will be able to direct you to the proper contact person.

Meal Coordinator: The Kitchen Coordinator (part of team) is in need of meal coordinators for each meal. The responsibilities include calling for helpers and food donors to cover a meal shift, getting meal prepared for assigned meal shift, serving and assisting in clean-up. Meals are decided by Kitchen Coordinator. A meal coordinator works off of a list of supplies needed and names of possible helpers provided by Kitchen Coordinator. Meal Coordinators are needed for Friday Night Supper, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch, Sunday Breakfast, Sunday Lunch.

Palanca: Please refer to the CEW Website.(see below)

CEW Website: Updates on current team, candidates, schedules, chapel times, brochures, website contacts, and calendar of events. Members password: membercew. This is a new website address and password.


For members who do not have internet access and would like information on Speakers Chapel times, Eucharistic Chapel time, Palanca information etc., please feel free to call any Rector or Assistant Rector listed on the current flyer.

CEW 101

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