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About CEW


The Christian Experience Weeekend (CEW), is an adult renewal weekend for persons 18 years of age or older. CEW is intended for anyone looking to live life more fully as an adult Christian. CEW grew out of the realization that the Christian Life has to be experienced before it can be properly appreciated.


The community based weekend includes talks, discussion, prayer services, and Mass. A team of lay people, priests and sisters conduct the weekend.


We have limited openings, so turn in your registration early. This can be done electronically or by mail. When the weekend is full, additional registrants are put on a witing list and notified if there is a cancellation.


The cost of the weekend is $50.00. Please do not allow the cost of the weekend prevent you from attending.


For more information check out the Registration tab.




What have those who attended thought about CEW?


"We did not know what to expect the first time we signed up for a CEW Weekend. We would have attended sooner if we knew what we were missing. From our initial CEW, we developed a deeper relationship with our God. The weekend gave us the opportunity to step out of our busy world, leave our troubles behind, and grow in our faith. CEW is an unbelievable chane to be still, reflect, focus on prayer, and develop deeper roots in our faith. Our lives are forever changed for the better because of this incredible experience. What better way to learn about, share, and practice our beliefs than with other faith filled people? What are you waiting for? Come and experience a fantastic weekend!"


Scott and Shari Lipski


"CEW stands for Christian Experience Weekend. The C could also stand for community. The community that you are introduced to is strong and alive with the Spirit and will embrace you wherever you are along your faith journey. The E could also stand for enthusiasm and excitement. The enthusiasm and excitement that are expressed throughout the weekend for the love Jesus has for each and every one of us. The W could certainly stand for wonder. Wonder of God's great plan and an opening of self to follow His will. Each CEW retreat I've made ahs been a new and unique experience for me, and I've always walked away refreshed, renewed, and wanting more!"


Joan Maternoski

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