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Eucharistic Chapel Times


To Sign Up Below or Mobile

This page has been changed. Same SignUp, just a different look


  • The Eucharistis Chapel button below will link to the same Google doc. we have used in the past. It's been removed from this page for quicker loading.

  • Click on the appropriate slot, then type your name and phone number. (When you click on a slot a flashing cursor will appear).

  • You will need to type your name in each time slot you want. (One person per each slot)

  • The information will automatically save. Any changes made to this document are saved, so please be careful not to change anyone else's information. 

  • If you have any questions or have difficulty signing up please contact: Ellen Wilhelm 920-684-3257.

Eucharistic Chapel


We will be using the Adoration Chapel located on 14th Street, across the street from the LifeTeen House. Look for the ramp leading up to the entrance of the Chapel (also the entrance for Father's house). 


If you sign up for a Chapel time we need to know your phone number or email so you can be given the access code for the door. You will only need this code if you are there during the overnight times when the door is locked. If you are a regular to the Adoration Chapel it is the same code you already use to get into the Chapel when it is locked.


Those slots where names are automatically Bold, Italicized, & Underlined will need the code to enter the Eucharistic Chapel. All other times the chapel door will be unlocked. 

Eucharistic Chapel 

will be in the 

Church at the

Grand site, please enter through the breezeway.

Eucharistic Chapel 

will be

open and available 

during the hours of the retreat.

The overnight hours are

blocked off and are


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